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Thank You Sponsors!

The estimated cost of this project is $600,000.00 and the majority of the funding is coming from private philanthropic donations, excise taxes on hunting and fishing equipment and proceeds from license and tag sales. Anyone who has not purchased hunting or fishing licenses, purchased firearms or ammunition, or provided a donation to this project has not contributed funds toward this conservation effort. Bighorn sheep conservation is an expensive undertaking and the proceeds from the sale of bighorn sheep hunting permits does not come close to covering the annual expense of managing the program. 

Some of the major expenses included in this average are regular helicopter population surveys, research projects and studies, water developments, habitat restoration and transplant projects such as this one. The difference is made up by the sale of three annual special bighorn sheep permits, other license and tag fees, excise taxes and donations from individuals and organizations such as the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society. No taxpayer funding is being used nor is the project being used in any way to generate a surplus of funds.

For more information on donating or becoming a sponsor, please see the donations/sponsorship page here.


Significant sponsorship donations have been made by the following:

Platinum level Sponsors:

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society


Safari Club International Foundation


Wild Sheep Foundation



Gold level Sponsors:

Arizona Chapter of Safari Club International



Thank You Sponsors!